Why Cleaning Your Computer Is Important

Most of us don’t give much thought to the inside of our computer cases.  And that’s good.  Computers, for the most part, are very reliable machines and don’t usually insist we occupy our heads with constant concern.  But a little thought now and then about cleanliness will help keep our computers trouble free.

There are two main categories of clean.  The first is software junkware buildup.  The second is the physical interior of your computer case.
– Junkware cleanup should be done at least quarterly.  Allowing junkware to increase its presence can slow down or stop the computer.
– The biggest enemy faced by the inside of your computer case is heat.  Heat can cause a CPU to shut down, a power supply to blow up, or a hard drive to fail completely.  This is why, when you buy a desktop computer from me, you get at least 3 fans:  1 for the CPU, 1 for the power supply, and 1 for the case.  But if dust is allowed to build up inside the case, the fans can’t do their job.  The dust will block the airflow, cause overheating, and slow down or stop the computer.


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