QWorks Computer and Network Monitoring and PCI Compliance

In response to clients requests regarding keeping their systems up and running, QWorks has implemented a network/computer monitoring system. The system is available in 3 Tier levels.

–Tier 1–

This Tier level will monitor and alert me to the following:

Whether Anti-Virus is or isn’t installed.
Has there been a recent Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD)?
Hard drive space running low .
Application crashes.
Errors reported to Windows Device Manager.
Fragmentation of your hard drive.
Hard Drive health.
Whether your firewall is or isn’t enabled.

–Tier 2–

This Tier level includes Tier 1 services and adds:

1) Installation of appropriate hardware which includes a minimum of a QWorks supplied router providing a basic level of security and reliability.

2) Centrally managed Anti Virus and Anti Malware including frequent updates to the detection database.

3) Centrally managed updating of most third-party applications. This Tier level automatically updates your third-party applications as software manufacturers discover flaws in their software and issue version updates to correct these flaws which often include patching for cyber security issues.

–Tier 3–

This Tier level includes Tier 2 services but replaces the basic router with a Unified Threat Management (UTM) router providing a higher level of protection from cyber criminals.


Each Tier level often allows me to solve problems before you even know they occur.

We can also provide network switches, 1 or more WiFi access points, an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), and more. All of these devices are also monitored from the cloud and can alert me if there is a problem with any of these devices, including a loss of internet connectivity.

Many businesses accept credit cards and are thefore subject to Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance. QWorks can ensure that your Information Technology equipment is fully PCI compliant. Lack of PCI compliance can result in a data breach and/or heavy fines which can be be very expensive (in the multiple thousands of dollars range) and is therefore very important. Tier level 3 is required for PCI compliance.

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