QWorks Quick Q&A – Get your backups done now! Protect your valuable data.

How would you feel if all of the data on your computer were to suddenly disappear?  Never to return.  Do you have financial information on your computer?  Pictures of your spouse, your children, relatives?  Is any of this information important to you?

Most people never think of this until something happens.  And then it’s too late.

Here’s my rule for computer data;  it must exisit in 3 separate locations.
1)  The original data on your primary hard drive.
2)  A backup of that data on a local external hard drive.
3)  A backup of that data on the internet.

If you are not following these rules, your data is in danger.  External USB drives are relatively inexpensive.  Internet based backups for both home and business have become affordable.

Don’t wait until a disaster occurs.  Get your backups done now!

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