QWorks Quick Q&A – Where is my file?

I am often asked to find a file for someone and then discover that knowing about files and folders is a bit rare these days.

Modern Operating Systems have a structure of folders and files that is based on the way we all keep track of real files and folders. Files are in a folder, the folder is in a drawer, the drawer is in a cabinet, etc. Computers are organized in the same manner.

When you create a document with an application such as Microsoft Word, that document is stored as a file. That file is in a folder, that folder may be in another folder, and all folders are stored in a cabinet. That cabinet is called a hard drive. Most documents that you create are stored, by default, in a particular folder named Documents or My Documents. All files have their favorite folders; Music, My Music, Videos, My Videos and so on.

Learn the file and folder structure of your computer and you may never have to ask me “Where is my file?”.

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