Latest Challenge – Video surveillance system

After years of clients asking me to handle their video surveillance I have finally said yes. I have not been comfortable with video surveillance systems and have therefore shied away from that kind of work. But after a recent lightning strike and a request from a client, I had a look at their system at saw quite a bit of damage from the strike and a lot of bad installation practices from their previous installer. As everyone who knows me knows, I’m a bit obsessive/compulsive about technology and I wanted their system repaired, and repaired correctly. In a game of “who do you trust”… So off I went.

The system was a PC based DVR and the PC had blown a hard drive, motherboard, CPU, video capture card, and RAM. Amazingly, the power supply was the only thing intact. I replaced all the blown components except the video capture card. When searching for a replacement, I discovered that the industry had moved on to standalone units and video capture cards were now rare and expensive. Ok, off I went into learning mode.

I am now in the middle of replacing several cameras, a camera power distribution unit, a standalone DVR, and some of the wiring. I’ll keep you posted.

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